Thursday, February 9, 2012

iOS 5.1 To Be Released On March 9th,JAILBREAK NOW!!!

Today, rumors have surfaced that the next big release of iOS, version 5.1, will be coming on March 9th, just over a month from today. The expected updates for this version are fixing the Absinthe jailbreak exploit, as well as more battery fixes for the iPhone 4S. This update has been expected now for quite some time, so finally having a date means a lot.

This rumor comes from a string found in text info for one of the downloads, which includes the string “09Mar2012″.

This date is also around the time that Apple announces the new iPad each year, so it is likely that this is when we will see the new iPad 3 as well. As always, this is based on a lot of speculation, but it is hard to argue that the date above matches up nicely with Apple’s usual schedule.

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