Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iPad 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPad 3 Event Set For March 7th In San Fransisco

The Verge just reported that they got their invitations to the next Apple event, scheduled March 7th in San Francisco. Obviously the event will revolve around the next generation iPad as it is that time in the year that Apple updated their tablet line. Additionally, the invitation contains an iPad in it, so we see no reason why the iPad would not be the main premis of the event. Starting at 10 A.M we will be updating of site with new information unveiled by Apple. Since the event is being held in SF the it is implied Pacific Standard Time. That means for people on the east coast it will start at 1 PM your time. Hopefully everyones as exited as me for this new event.

Apples Invitation Hints At A Retina Display iPad 3

Earlier today Apple sent out invitations to their event March where they will be undoubtedly revealing the next generation iPad. The invitation is like usual, with little information and an image relating to the event.

We have something you really have to see. And touch.

Judging by the clear image of an iPad and the fact that they have something to see, many people believe that this is a hint for a higher resolution screen for the iPad similar to the retina display on the current iPhone and iPod Touch. While this is not for sure, past rumors have speculated that a retina display would be the main selling point of the device.

We will be covering information on the event on March 7th so make sure to check back then. Additionally, you follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook for updates.

iPad 3 Concept Video Will Make The Real Thing Disappointing

This iPad 3 concept video shows off some awesome new features that are very unlikely to ever make it into the real device. They range from an edge-to-edge display, to a 3D holographic gaming system. While we will most likely never see any of these features (not for a few years at least), the video is done beautifully, and is definitely worth a watch.

This video doesn’t come without some truth though. As was noted by many people, the picture in Apple’s iPad 3 event invitation featured an iPad with no home button. While the iPad could just be in landscape mode, it could also mean that Apple is moving in favor of an all-touchscreen device.

In any case, we will only have to wait for one more week before we find out what great new features the iPad 3 will have.

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