Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pre-GM Build Of iOS 5.1 Leaked


Just recently, the folks over at BlogdoiPhone reported that they have a Pre-GM build of iOS 5.1. Among some of the new features in this build, BlogdoiPhone discovered a new Lock Screen camera icon. One of the new parts shown off last year for iOS 5 was a quick access to take photos. All you would have to do is double press your home button and tap on the camera icon. This would take you to your camera app and you could take a quick snapshot. The screenshot taken by BlogdoiPhone shows that the camera icon is still in place, but instead of tapping on it, you would just swipe up from it and it would directly take you to the camera app. Pretty neat eh? Another big discovery in the new build is a Japanese language setting for Siri.

We obviously can’t tell you if these images are the real deal, but Apple has been known to send pre-released versions of iOS to carriers and other parties for tests before a public release.

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