Friday, February 17, 2012

SARA Best Free Alternate to Siri
OK, thankyou
Sara Pre-0.2.1 released ! (Remember remove previous version)
- Improve speed
- SDK v1 & plugin system
- Weather, time, date, .. based on your location
- Math solve
- Chat (open, I will create guide for you)
- Multilanguage (beta) support with Voice recognization (all device) & Speech (only for 3GS/4/iPad, I will support 2G/3G soon)
- Direction to your contact address (Example: "Direction to alex")
- Set relationship on the fly (Example: "Alex is my dad")
- Enhanced speech for 2G/3G (need internet)
- Auto-enable GPS when you use location-based feature & have GPS off
- Enhanced voice recognize
- Fix ">_<" bugs
- Fix Dictation crash
- Added help, or just say "what can I do"
- Double tap Mic to enter text
- When finish speak, you can tap Mic to tell Sara that you done
- Improved Sara backends (Nobita)
and more

Hope you will feel happy, please don't feel disappointed, Sara has been written by only me, and just release for ~30 days. I'm trying my best, so sorry for bad experience. Thankyou very much. Love you !!
CYDIA: isoftjsc . com (Package: Sara 0.2.1)
DIRECT LINK: isoftjsc . com/SaraDeb021.deb

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