Saturday, March 24, 2012

A5X vs A5 Speed Test

After running some tests on and off video it seems that the new Apple A5X processing chip does not have much improvement over its little brother the A5 chip. The “new” A5X is supposed to have a bit of a speed bump but through tests the chip does not seem to out preform the A5 chip. Both chips are dual core and the A5X is supposed to have a speed bump however, the chips seem to run at the same speed. Testing has also been done and it has been observed that the new iPad 3 has 1GB of RAM and the iPad 2 has 512 MB of RAM.

The A5X chip is certainly not a slow chip at all. It handles the new retina display and quad core graphics. The point I would just like to make known is that it is not an improvement over the A5. The video below shows a shutdown, turn on, and safari website load tests vs a jailbroken iPad 2.

NCSettings – Death to SBSettings!
 TOM MARCH 20, 2012 0

SBSettings had to have a decent contender some time or another, and now it’s finally here. ‘NCSettings’ is a stylish alternative to the infamous SBSettings, and it does it extremely well. It contains a number of slick animations, and even some added extra functionality, such as an orientation lock toggle. The brightness and volume sliders are inbuilt to the display, and will animate open every time you tap them.

An excellent Notification Centre ad-on, and one that has permanently replaced SBSettings for me. Bravo ‘JamieD360′ you’ve excelled yourself!

It’s available for free from the Modmyi Repo, by simply searching NCSettings.

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