Friday, March 16, 2012

iPad 3 News!!!!!
New iPad 3rd Generation Untethered Jailbreak Shown On Video 

New iPad (3rd Generation) Now Has An Untethered Jailbreak Updated: Video

Earlier today, the new iPad went on sale all across the world. In a matter of hours, the Dev team was able to tethered jailbreak the new tablet. Now I am excited to report that i0n1c has just announced that he has his new iPad jailbroken untethered. Yes thats right, the iPad that was just shipped out hours ago.

The last time that i0n1c participated in any jailbreak activity was the iOS 4 untether, he has been talking about jailbreaking the new iPad. Recently he tweeted ”Okay my iPad3,3 is now untethered jailbroken…” followed by “Damn… So a) I need to remember the password of my youtube account, b) I need to find a way to make a video without shaking”. Hopefully we will be seeing a demo soon following by a release.

There hasn’t been any tool released yet, but it is bound to release in the next couple of days. Be sure to stay tuned on JailbreakNation so you can jailbreak your new iPad. For anyone with an older device you can jailbreak 5.1 here


iPad 3 Camera vs. iPad 2 Camera

So if you have not heard enough about the new iPad (iPad Third Generation), we have some more coverage on the iPad. Below is a video demonstrating the new iPad Camera quality vs the older iPad 2 camera. We have seen the iPad 2 quality before and noted that the quality is quite poor. The new iPad packs a new display and the pictures and videos taken on this device are incredible.

I am not going to lie and say taking pictures and videos on the iPad is great because it is not. The iPad is still a big and weird to take pictures with. I am pretty sure if you were to be taking of picture in public people would stare. Regardless the iPad camera is definitely great for quick photos if you have your iPad and primarily FaceTime.

‘New iPad’ Video Demo!

So today we saw the release of the iPad 3, it is essentially a software update on par from the iPhone 4 to 4S. However one of the most prominent features was the upgraded ‘iSight’ rear camera. Apple have taken the iPhone 4S’s optics, combined them with a 5MP camera and 1080p recording - the product is incredible. Just as good as the 4S in my opinion, however you do end up looking a bit like a mad person, holding your iPad up in front of you for extended periods of time.

The camera performs fantastically well in daylight, and is average in low light. You know what? See for yourself!

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