Saturday, March 24, 2012

New iPad 4G LTE Is A “Speed Trap”

When Apple announced that the new iPad would have 4G LTE Connectivity everyone got that much more excited to get their hands on the new device, and when they finally did, they weren’t disappointed. As promised, the new iPad delivered blazing fast speeds to the millions of users using Verizon’s 4G LTE network on their new devices. However, The Wall Street Journal called the new iPad a “speed trap.” The new 4G network is fast, but the streaming isn’t the only thing that’s faster, it’s also eating up your data much faster as well. Just take a look at Brandon Wells, a new iPad owner who was streaming March Madness games over 4G LTE on Friday, and by Saturday had already  ”burned through his monthly wireless data allotment of two gigabytes.” 4G is amazing and all, but, I personally think that this is a bit ridiculous. Hopefully Verizon and Apple find a way to possibly cut down on costs, but as of now the new iPad is a very pricey, but convenient device.

The New iPad Runs Almost 10 Degrees Warmer Than The iPad 2
With a retina display built into the 3rd generation iPad many people have claimed that the device runs warmer than normal. While this is a very small difference from the previous model people over at have verified that this is true. Personally, as an owner of the new iPad and the 1st generation iPad I have seen the difference so minimal that it is barely noticeable. That being said the new display is amazing and if given the choice you should not buy an older iPad.

The results of the thermal scan can be seen above. The new iPad is on the left and the second generation on the right. Temperatures recorded were 33.6C (92.5 Fahrenheit) for the new iPad and 28.3C (82.9 Fahrenheit) for the iPad 2.

Cydia Tweak: Awesome Music Controller
 TOM MARCH 20, 2012 0

You may have looked at this post with intrest, due to my over excitable title. However, that is the name of the tweak I am talking about in this post - simply ‘Awesome Music Controller’

It is a jailbreak tweak which drastically builds upon and improves the idea of ‘MusicBanners’ which notifies you every time you change a song on your iDevice. Awesome Music Controller adds a lot more functionality to that, implementing a unique note on your lockscreen, more information on the banner notification, and an extra control screen. All done with beautiful aesthetics, and could easily be a part of iOS itself.

It can be found on the BigBoss Repo for $0.99.

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