Thursday, April 5, 2012

BrightSlide – Quick Access Toggles & Sliders

BrightSlide is a very tight little jailbreak tweak which allows the user to set up an activator action & gives access to 4 toggles: flashlight, wifi, airplane mode & bluetooth. All of these toggles work well, and the tweak even gives access to 2 sliders, one which controls the devices brightness and one which modifies the devices volume level.

A particularly easy tweak to use, but one that has a decent amount of functionality. Best of all, you can pick this one up yourself for free in cydia’s own BigBoss repo.

Axiom – Stunning Lock Screen Theme

I’m not big on theming my iPhone. I find the stock user interface is a significant amount cleaner than pretty much any theme that any single developer can product. After all, if Apple had to design each app icon in the app store themselves, we’d have about 3 apps in the app store. However Axiom, is one of the best themes I’ve ever used, and the lock screen included is exceptional.

It happens to have a number of features, including a functional analogue clock, a weather widget and even something to express your own choice of wallpaper. It looks stunning, and the entire theme (including the lock screen) is available from cydia for $2, a fantastic price for such an intricate theme.

Aero – The Best App Switcher?

With an array of different app switcher alternatives on cydia, it’s tough to find the one which is suitable for you. However, I would be prepared to bet an awful lot that you’ll find something you like within ‘Aero’. It’s pretty much the definitive app switcher, and it looks just stunning. There are an assortment of options, and around 10 different app switch animations, all of which are smooth, effective & ergonomic.

Aero will set you back $1.99 on the ModMyi Repo, for the amount of work which has clearly gone into this tweak, this is a fantastic price.

UpsideDown – Prank Your Friends With This Tweak

Getting into theme of a very very late april fool’s, Ryan Petrich, the developer of tweaks such as Activator, HapticPro, DisplayRecorder among others - has created a simple little jailbreak tweak which will flip all of your apps upside down. It’s exactly as it sounds.

In the description, it says nothing but ‘April Fool’s!’ and it’s nice to see a developer having fun with a tweak every now and again. You can pick it up from his personal repo for free:

The New iPad – Two Weeks Later

Just over two weeks ago, the ‘New iPad’ hit the shelves of the globe. It had high expectations, could it live up to it’s younger brother’s reputation? The New iPad is a truly amazing device, it’s not a question of if it will revolutionise your life, it’s a question of how it will.

Overall, you’ll need to check out my video to see how I feel about it. However I’ll bottom line you, if you don’t feel like watching. The new iPad is incredible, and by far the king of the tablet world. However nobody is saying that the iPad 2 is suddenly bad, or a piece of any less excellence. If you are coming from the original iPad, a different tablet, or no tablet at all. I have no reservations in recommending this new iDevice with the highest sincerity.

MediaSpeak – Spoken Song Alerts (Preview)

Many, if not all of you, will have heard of the tweak ‘MusicBanners’ it is a jailbreak tweak which notified you every time a song changed on your device. This upcoming tweak ‘MediaSpeak’ takes this notion and messes with it in a way that’s pretty cool. It turns the visual notification into an audio notification.

That’s right, MediaSpeak will notify you in the format: ‘Now Playing *Song Name* by *Artist*’ in Siri’s voice, that we’ve all come to know and love. This is a pretty cool gimmick, but one I can see myself getting tired of in the future.

MediaSpeak will be available from Cydia.

iSleepWell – Tweak for Light Sleepers!

With jailbreaking, comes a reasonable amount of pointless or gimmicky tweaks. However occasionally one which has a very decent functionality in it comes along, and iSleepWell is no different. It will activate Airplane mode when the proximity sensor of your phone senses it is flat down on a surface. It will also confirm this by telling you ‘Airplane mode on’ and awaken it when the phone is lifted up with the conformation ‘Phone is active’

This tweak will run you $0.99 cents in the bigboss repo, and it’s one that if you’re a bit on the lighter sleeper side, you definitely should check out.

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