Saturday, April 14, 2012

iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Status

The question that we of course get asked over and over again here at JBN is “When is the next jailbreak coming out?”. For the past weeks, everyone has been waiting for the jailbreak for 5.1, us included. Unfortunately, we cannot give a definitive answer as to when this jailbreak will come out, but we can say that it should not be long.

From what we have heard so far, the exploits for a jailbreak have been discovered and developed, with several different jailbreakers and developers making their own jailbreaks for the iPad 3. However, beyond that, there has been little news about any sort of ETA for a jailbreak. This is to be expected, as the developers never like to give expected release times, due to the rabid nature of people waiting for the jailbreaks. The most important thing to do to ensure a speedy jailbreak release is to not annoy the developers (e.g. Musclenerd, i0n1c, chpwn), more than they are by other consumers.

Whenever this jailbreak is released, you can expect extensive coverage here on JBN. We know that this doesn’t give a whole lot of new info to those waiting patiently, but because we have been receiving so many requests for updates on the jailbreak status, we decided to let all of you know what the current news is regarding the situation. Subscribe below to be notified of any updates regarding the jailbreak, and to receive daily emails with all of our posts.

SliderWidth – Adjust the Lock Slider’s Width

SliderWidth actually does something pretty cool,  and something we haven’t really seen in a jailbreak tweak. It allows you to  adjust the width of the Lock Screen slider for iOS 5/5.0.1 It’s compatible with the iPad too which is nice to see. You can implement custom text too, by that I mean change the ‘Slide to Unlock’ to something of your choice or even .

It is available for free from the ModMyi Repo.

Fusion – Synchronise Social Network Use

Fusion is a newly released tweak, which does something pretty special. Using the inbuilt ‘Quick Compose’ iOS 5 functionality of Twitter, Fusion allows you to send messages, pictures among other things, to 4 social networks in sync. These networks include (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace *insert joke here* and FourSquare. It does this in a very efficient fashion, and works exceedingly well. It even has a assistant extensions plug in, so you can use fusion with Siri!

You can pick up fusion in the BigBoss repo, for $2.

Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week #4

Many great jailbreak tweaks were released this week, so yet again we will be showcasing the best ones of the week. More information can be accessed by clicking on the link at the beginning of the description. We hope you enjoy this series and we plan to keep it alive as long as possible.

1)SwipeBack is a new Cydia tweak that was developed by Ryan Petrich and it is probably one of my favorite tweaks out there right now. The tweak is free and it does exactly what the name implies. If you are in a setting’s panel and want to get back to the main settings page, just swipe from the left end of the screen to the right and boom, you are back. As of right now you can only get it off of the Ryan Petrich

2)Aero: With an array of different app switcher alternatives on cydia, it’s tough to find the one which is suitable for you. However, I would be prepared to bet an awful lot that you’ll find something you like within ‘Aero’. It’s pretty much the definitive app switcher, and it looks just stunning. There are an assortment of options, and around 10 different app switch animations, all of which are smooth, effective & ergonomic.

3)iSleepWell: With jailbreaking, comes a reasonable amount of pointless or gimmicky tweaks. However occasionally one which has a very decent functionality in it comes along, and iSleepWell is no different. It will activateAirplane mode when the proximity sensor of your phone senses it is flat down on a surface. It will also confirm this by telling you ‘Airplane mode on’ and awaken it when the phone is lifted up with the conformation ‘Phone is active’

4)BrightSlide is a very tight little jailbreak tweak which allows the user to set up an activator action & gives access to 4 toggles: flashlight, wifi, airplane mode & bluetooth. All of these toggles work well, and the tweak even gives access to 2 sliders, one which controls the devices brightness and one which modifies the devices volume level.

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