Friday, May 11, 2012

Awesome Lock Screen Theme – Neon LS Clock

As you may have picked up from my posts or videos in the past, I’m not a huge fan of theming my device. I prefer the stock look of iOS when coupled with some awesome tweaks. Now, this being said, I’m not against theming all together - and this lockscreen widget proves that.

Neon LS Clock is a very functional, elaborate and down right attractive lock screen theme/widget. It gives both analogue and digital representations of the time, and it does this is a very futuristic way, yet at the same time it remains elegant and highly aesthetically pleasing.

I would like the option to change the colour of the general clock, as you can with the slider. You get a choice of yellow, white, red, purple, orange, magenta, green, cyan and blue - so to have these options for the clock feature, would be nice too.

You can pick up ‘Neon LS Clock’ in the MacCiti repo for $1.00, it’s definitely worth a purchase, even if you’re not a theme lover.

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