Saturday, June 9, 2012

Banner Reveals iOS 6 Preview at WWDC 2012

Three days ago we reported that banners were being put up at the Moscone Center, the location where WWDC 2012 is being held. Today MacRumors spotted a more significant banner with a large iOS 6 icon. Below it reads “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system”. If you recall from last year the banner spotted before the event of the iOS 5 icon, the cloud, and the lion related to all the information given in the keynote address. With another clue pointing at iOS 6, the chances of its announcement on Monday are very high.

Apple to Release SDK for Apple TV at WWDC
 FREDDY JUNE 8, 2012 0

BGR reported today that they have a tip from a “trusted source” that suggests Apple plans to release an SDK for the Apple TV at WWDC this week. This would open up the Apple TV to developers, and allow third parties to program their own apps for the device. Currently, the Apple TV only supports Apple’s built in applications, much like the first iPhone.

There is not much more info right now, but it seems like a likely move, especially since the Apple TV already runs on iOS, and has an A5 CPU as part of its hardware. Stay tuned for more info!

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