Thursday, March 14, 2013

Make Your iOS Device do the Harlem Shake with this new tweak

Ever want something to show off to your friends other than the usual tweaks? Filippo Bigarellas tweakHarlem Shake will do just that. As you can infer from the tweak’s name, this unique tweak makes both your iOS springboard and lockscreen do the Harlem Shake.

To activate this tweak, Activator must be installed. If you do not have it installed, installing the Harlem Shake tweak will take care of that for you and will automatically install Activator. You may choose whatever method you like for activating the tweak such as short holding the home button.
The tweak still allows you to launch apps and unlock the slider bar while the lockscreen or homescreen is doing the Harlem Shake.
It is available via the Bigboss repository and has absolutely no purpose other than for entertaining your friends. You must have an iOS device running iOS 6.

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