Thursday, March 14, 2013

Peekly – Add The Weather and Calendar To Your Lockscreen With Elegance

Recently, an awesome and free theme was released named Peekly. The theme gives your lockscreen multiple pages and allows you to pull to the side and peek at information. While it is not available via Cydia repository it can be installed with ease using our tutorial. We recommend watching our demonstration as the theme and instructions can be explained better in video.
Installing Peekly
1. Open Cydia and download iFile, Lockscreen Clock Hide, and Winterboard if you don’t have them already.
2. Go to on your device, click download, then click open in iFile.
3. Copy and lpaste into /Library/Themes.
4. Unarchive and apply the non zip theme on winterboard.
5. Open Settings.js to customize city and toggle fahrenheit / Celsius
Confused? Watch the video above.

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