Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Apple’s iWatch Goes Into Pre-Production

Apple’s iWatch is the next big rumor. With smart watches captivating consumers with their abilities, many would like the fruit company, Apple, to produce one. At CES we saw some of the technology that is rumored to be implemented on the device. The OLED screens debuted featured a flexible screen. Today, the Economic Times from Taiwan is reporting that Apple’s iWatch will feature an OLED screen coming in at 1.5-inches. It was also stated within the report that 1.8-inches was explored when deciding the screen size, but it was illustrated that it didn’t feel right and was too big. The company that was mentioned within the report who produces OLED screens is RiTek, also a Taiwanese manufacturer. This creates a new path as OLED technology has not been incorporated into the handheld market, but is popular within the new 4K/OLED TVs also debuted at CES 2013. This begs the question, will Apple’s iWatch conform to your write, and be like the snap bracelets that every kid wanted?
In terms of release date, I highly doubt that it will be displayed at WWDC 2013 as we would’ve seen pictures/leaks by now. The fact that WWDC 2013 is just a few weeks away, and this is the first component “leak”, it renders the possibility to a slim chance. Let me know what you think about the iWatch, and if you believe that it will be released at WWDC 2013!

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