It has been described by the company’s CEO and founder as being "like Nest for home security," and not only is it very good at his job, but it’s not bad to look at either. Its cylindrical shape stands like an alternative PC tower, but it’s compact enough to blend into the background.
So, how does it work? It’s jam-packed with a bunch of sensors, with just about everything you could need from a competent home-security system. There’s a video camera for ensuring the home isn’t playing host to an intruder, and as well as that, humidity monitors, an air quality sensor and even emergency sirens.
Canary 1
Not only is it useful as a burglar alarm, but it serves a plethora of other purposes as well. It can be used for keeping an eye on children, pets, or even, as the company’s CEO Adam Sager has found, to keep an eye out for vulnerable relatives.
You plug Canary into the mains and you’re essentially ready to go. The well-designed accompanying app is available for iPhone, and an iPad / Android version is also in the making. In learning your habits, it will begin to only alert you when it feels you need to know. For example, if you arrive home every day at 7pm, it will stop these notifications, but if there’s a disturbance earlier on in the afternoon, Canary will give you a buzz to let you know something may be afoot.
Canary will retail for $199, although backers on Indiegogo can secure theirs for $150, although the lot has been already booked. For such a great price and apparently feature-rich service, it’s certainly worth checking out.
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