The great thing about jailbreaking is, no matter what kinds of changes Apple decides to implement, one can always revert to certain states, or reinstate specific elements with relative ease. Sure, the unlocking ‘click’ we’ve heard since the early days of iPhone OS may well have outstayed its welcome, but if you enjoyed it enough to have made note of its absence, then UnlockSound7 has your back.
iPhone 5s
Although the new look and feel of iOS was met with opposition from the point of its announcement at WWDC to its subsequent launch in September, complaints hereafter have been few and far between. What’s more, with the universal jailbreak, users can, if they so wish, skin the entire UI to appear as it used to, and with most of the sounds and other quirks becoming available, you can achieve almost any flavor of iOS that you desire.
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The UnlockSound7 tweak is created by developer merdok, and can be plucked from the BigBoss repository. It’s absolutely free of charge, and there are no configurable settings, so if you no longer require the sound, simply uninstall the package via Cydia.
But that’s not just it, you can also customize the unlock sound to your liking as well. Want to hear something else when you unlock your device? UnlockSound7 has your back.
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Although there are certain pre-iOS 7 elements I did enjoy, I, personally speaking, think this particular sound is a little antiquated. To me, the clicking always sounded a bit distorted, and amid the clarity, beauty and simplicity of iOS 7, certain accompanying noises were meant to be left behind.